About Trailblazers.Irish

What we're about

Trailblazers.Irish is a series of podcast interviews with people who are using the new .IRISH Top Level Domain.

.IRISH is a new Top Level Domain (TLD) for the global Irish community. By simply making it possible to put the word ‘Irish’ after the dot in a web address, .IRISH provides a truly meaningful domain name that clearly says Irish. (What’s a Domain Name?)

Trailblazers.Irish is brought to you by Blacknight, the only Irish-owned, ICANN-accredited, domain registrar. We sell all kinds of domain names but, because we’re 100% Irish, we have a special interest in .IRISH. And so we’ve decided to shine a spotlight on the pioneers and Trailblazers who are using the new domain extension to identify their Irishness online.

Each week, we’ll present an audio podcast with a different Trailblazer. We’ll ask them about themselves and their work, how they view ‘Irishness’, and how they are using .IRISH.

Who are the Trailblazers? Trailblazers change the world.

Are you an Irish Trailblazer? We’d like to talk to you!